Videography is the ultimate remote controlled camera app for photo and video enthusiasts. It offers all features you expect from a professional camera and can be controlled remotely in realtime from a browser. Capture stunning wild life or action shots, use it for surveillance or simply as the best day-to-day camera app.



Object Tracking with Motrr Galileo
Automatically follows faces, motion or coloured objects.


Slow motion and timelapse
Adjust the timescale for video recordings on the fly.


Dropbox integration
Sync your media automatically with your Dropbox.

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Ever thought of watching and hearing remotely what the cameras in your iPhone, iPod or iPad see or hear? AirBeam turns your camera equipped iDevices into a flexible remote monitoring system. Use it for serious surveillance, as a babyphone, to keep an eye on your puppies, a fly cam in your remote control toys…there are countless of useful and not so useful things you can do with it.



Motrr Galileo supported
Remotely pan and tilt your iDevice.


High definition real-time – Video resolution up to 720p. Low latency. CD quality audio.


Motion and audio detection – Triggers automated recordings and email alerts.

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